Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here's another little card I made when my mom was here visiting. The bird is from the Bird Notes set by Crafty Secrets. It's amazing what just a tiny little piece of beautiful lace can add to a project. While my mom was here I was trying to use up some scraps. I have an entire drawer full of little tidbits that I stamped for demos in classes or something I stamped when I was working on a project, then chose not to use. This bird was one of those. I used him on a card we made in a Hero Arts Collage class. Wow, look how much different he looks scanned than photographed. I'm so glad that my neighbor taught me how to photograph my cards. It was completely gray and overcast when I took that top picture this morning (using only natural light), so it could have been a little better, but not bad considering the light I had to work with. Someday I'll show you how I set up to photograph my pictures.
Now, on to other topics. Yesterday was my husbands 31st birthday. Some family and friends got together and surprised him with supper at the Olive Garden. These are Matt's parents and his youngest sister. We had a great time right up until it was time to leave. As we were grabbing our things to head out, my little two year old accidentally pulled over a chair on top of himself. It hit him right in the face, and his front teeth went into his lip. He did that thing kids do where they are screaming but no sound comes out...then all of a sudden, the sound came out...nice and loud. Pore thing, his lip was bleeding and already puffing up. It took awhile to calm him down, then he was just fine. This morning he woke up with a big, fat-lipped smile. Isn't he cute and pitiful looking.

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The Coburn Family said...

Poor Noah! Sounds like you guys had fun (except for Noah's accident of course)...I wish we could've been there. Don't worry about the snow here - that was just in the mountains between here and Kalispell. We haven't had new snow here in a long time. It's still cold though (but warmer than it was!) and gets down in the low 20's at night.