Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Drift Creek Camp

Middle school boys are so funny! Look at the expressions on their faces. They volunteered to be in the picture though, so I'm guessing that they enjoyed themselves and ended up being pleased with what they made. I thought they did great! I wish I would have taken a close up of the card that the girl in the grey sweatshirt and jeans is holding...no names here... She made an awesome card by stamping those great Technique Tuesday flower petals on an alcohol ink background. She cut them out, adhered them to a white card, and stamped cute little tiny flowers between the petals before adding her sentiment. SOOO cute!
Remember that creativity and willingness to experiment that I was talking about? One the girls stamped this great Stampers Anonymous image on her face using Distress Ink. Surprisingly enough it lasted a whole day before finally being removed. And the cling mounted stamp was perfect for this because it had enough stability that she could press it evenly onto her face, but was flexible enough that she could wrap it around and get the whole image. She told me that she wants a tatoo that wraps around her eye like that someday. I wouldn't want a permanent image like that on my face, but I thought it looked cool on her in a temporary version like this.


Kathleen Summers said...

Wow, what a cool experiment! I never would have thought of that - it turned out REALLY cool.

Thanks for coming by my blog - my kid were at Hume the week of June 15th. They loved it. We will def'ly be doing it next summer too. How awesome that there were several kids who accepted Christ the week your kids were there. That's the best news EVER! =)

Anonymous said...

hi val,
your live tracker had maryland on it right before i got there...i bet that is Carla! what a funny kwinkydink that we were there almost at the same time. looks like camp was great. you are amazing, wish i could have been there. :)