Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

This is what's been going on at our house for the last week. We've had an extra week of Christmas vacacation due to snow days. I came out and took these early in the morning before anything but deer had messed up the perfect smooth snow. This is the nice sticky snow that piles up on branches and such quite nicely. It also packs together wonderfully for...
making a sledding hill and...
igloos. Daddy and a neighbor spent a couple of hours building this great little igloo. Throughout the night it has been snowing on it and adding thickness to the walls. The great thing is, with all that work, it looks like it won't be melting yet for a little while. Some forcasts are reporting another possible 6 - 10 inches today on the valley floor. Great for snow forts...not so great for anniversary trips and holiday travels. Although they are still predicting rain for Christmas, blech. For now we'll just enjoy the snow.

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Me said...

what beautiful pictures!
i cant believe we missed it!!!!! what fun!
is it gone now like they said or will christmas be white?