Saturday, April 19, 2008

Are You Sure It's April???

So, I woke up this morning and opened the door to head to Portland and teach classes, and look what greeted me. Maybe to some of you this isn't that unusual, but in Oregon, in April...What in the world? This is crazy! Anyway, I headed to The Peddler's Pack with beautiful snow falling for a GREAT day of classes. These ladies are enjoying the Texture Tiles Sampler Class...they look very focused, don't they. You can't tell very well from the picture how big that pile of class instructions is, but in a four hour class there is alot to tell. Now this is what I LOVE to see!!! A happy, smiling face, and inky, messy fingers. Aren't they beautiful!?! Yes, I mean the faces, and the projects. What a great bunch of ladies! If you scroll up to the top of these class photos, look for the lovely lady in the red shirt...that's Michele. Bless her heart, Michele stayed between classes and helped me clean up from the first class and get things out for the next. I owe her big time. Thanks Michele, and thanks to each of you ladies, it was a joy to spend the day with you.

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The Coburn Family said...

We got snow too. I think it's even unusual to get snow this late in Montana! It looks like you had a fun class.