Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Morning everyone,

This morning I would like to draw your attention to a website that I visit almost daily...Craft Critique. If you are a crafter, product information is so helpful. Sometimes we really aren't sure which products are as good as they say they are, exactly what they are good for, etc. This site offers reviews of all sorts of craft products, by crafters just like you and I. I have found these to be very beneficial. In fact, I'll just tell you a little story.

I've been teaching a technique class in which I use the Palette Stamp n' Stick Gluepad. That was the only gluepad I had tried. I was satisfied with the results I was getting, so I stuck with that one. Well, back in October I read this review on The Essential Gluepad by Tsukineko. Based on that review I decided to give The Essential Gluepad a try. I love it. Both inkpads still have their place and I use them for different applications. The Cuttlebug Embossing Techniques Class that I teach now incorporates both of those gluepads and teaches students the very best applications for each inkpad.

I have had a link to the Craft Critique website on my blog ever since I discovered it (shortly after starting my own blog). But I know that with all the lists on the side, things can tend to get overlooked. I hope you will check it out, there is a lot of great information available that could save you money by helping you to make an informed decision when buying your crafting products, as well as helping you gain a better understanding of products you may already own.

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