Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a teaser

Alright everyone. Huge thanks to those of you who signed up for this class sight unseen. The sample is now complete and will be in the store later today.

This Ten Seconds Studios Framed Mirror Class is based on a class created by Linda Brown for Craft Stamper Magazine. It's going to be a fun one! If you are signing up for this one be prepared for the class to go longer than the usual 2 hours.


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I saw you today! Yep...the Sheridan Spartans played Central and I was at the game. My daughter plays for Central. So sad that we lost ALL of our starters, eh? It's definitely a rebuilding year. I didn't introduce myself because I wasn't 100% sure it was you! Congrats on a win and a great team! Best of luck this year!

Patriot said...

Thanks for stopping by and giving me the link to CT clothing. Quite a bit of their products are imported, but I sent an email asking about American made items. THANKS!!