Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My little girl is 6

It's official, Hannah is now 6 years old. After counting the days...and days...and days...(she's been counting since November), she is finally 6. We had a nice little party with family and friends. We chose to do some art projects instead of party games. One of the things we did was make some shrink plastic charms etc. They colored them in with Sharpies, and some of the adults cut them out, then they got to watch them shrink up in the toaster oven. Lastly, they got to string them onto necklaces with a bunch of other beads. None of them had ever done this before so they thought it was pretty neat to see them shrink up tiny.
Along with Hannah's 6th birthday, came her first two wheeled bicycle. Granted, it has four right now, but she was pretty excited to have a two-wheeler. She has a little friend that just moved into our neighborhood this weekend, so she is really looking forward to riding bikes with her friend.
She is pretty tentative on it right now, and utilizes its brakes quite often. That's my girl, she's always been pretty careful. Which thankfully means no broken bones or stitches yet, but hopefully it won't take her to long to gain enough confidence to ride at a walking or even jogging pace. I'm looking forward to getting a little exercise on our walks.

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The Coburn Family said...

Look at that bike! I love it. I think Noah has had enough stitches for both of them. I just can't believe Hannah's 6 already. How did that happen?!