Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok, forgive my excitement, but seriously, we had the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes coming down today that I have ever seen!
I'm not kidding at all...just look at that! Yes, that bright white spot is a giant puffy sheet of snow falling through the air. Some of them were huge. Now I know, they were actually multiple snowflakes that became close friends as they were falling through the air so they were just hanging out together for awhile. They were just so big, it was crazy.
It doesn't take much to get an Oregonian excited. I don't know how many times during the couple of hours that the snow was falling that I said, "Seriously, look at that one...oh my goodness, that one is HUGE...oh, my goodness, seriously, this is crazy..." You get the idea.


Enfys said...

I wish we got snow instead of constant drizzle. Lovely photos, and enjoy your snow
Enfys x

Tina said...

OMG!! I did the same thing! I was at my parents house when it started and I just kept telling my dad.. "Look at that.. Those are HUGE, I've never seen anything like this.. Dad check this out.. It's like slow motion snow!"
Needless to say that after about 10 mins he ask.."don't you need to get the kids home?"

See ya soon!

maddy hill said...

Oh what pretty butterflies and what a lovely idea !