Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Chance to Give

Dominic's fundraiser is coming right up. If you are not a regular on my blog you can read more details about my niece Dominic below. These details were previously posted on my blog so if you have already read this you can just skip down to the next photo.

Dominic had a g-tube placed when she was 14 days old due to urgent need of complete nutrition that would help her overcome all the challenges she presented at birth. These challenges included low birth weight (4.6 lb. at 39 weeks gestation), small head, an area of damage in her brain, two small holes in her heart and a severe bilateral cleft lip and palate.She has received surgery to repair her palate and lip, but has been receiving 99% of her nutrition from her g-tube (a small apparatus surgically placed in the stomach allowing food to be deposited there directly, bypassing the mouth and esophagus).

Dominic doesn’t experience food like you and I. She has oral sensitivities, poor oral motor skills, fear, and negative associations (like vomit or pain) with food that she needs to overcome. For Dominic moving food in her mouth in a way that is necessary to eat is not natural, it is hard work.Dominic is medically ready to wean from her g-tube to oral feeding, but she needs some help.

There is a therapy available in Washington called Rapid Wean directed especially for kid just like Dominic that could have her eating significant amounts of food orally in a matter of 14 days. (to learn more visit http://tofthouse.com/ )Dominic will be entering this therapy in October, but does not have insurance that will cover the costs of this therapy. God has already been blessing Dominic and her family, and much of the money has already been raised, but as the time draws nearer, there is more that I want to do to ensure that Dominic gets the therapy she needs in order to continue growing and developing into the sweet little girl that God made her to be.

Dominic feeding her baby.

If you live in the area and are interested in helping out...this is the invitation that is being sent out to friends, family, and people who care:


To an open-house cardmaking fundraiser.

When? This Friday, September 26
What time? 3-9pm

Where? At the Scrap-a-Latte store in McMinneville, OR
(Located on Hwy 99w betweenFigaro's Pizza and Hollywood Video.)
Why? To help financially support Mic in her upcoming oralfeeding/g-tube wean therapy.

Valonda Leichty(that's me...lol) is organizing the event and will be on hand, along with all her supplies, hundreds of stamps, lots of ideas, tips and helpful, professional advice. Come spend as long as you want and make as many cards as you would like.
There will be a requested donation of $3 per card that you make, although additional donations are welcome as well.
If you are interested in attending this fun event, you can RSVP by emailing Valonda at valonda1@juno.com

Obviously this is very, very important to me, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use my supplies and talents to bless my family and to help Dominic receive some life-changing help. Thanks in advance for joining together with me.

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