Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

My little girl is now a first grader. Her first full day of school was a little rough on her. She came home exhausted and starving. But she loves her new teacher, and was glad that she gets to see one of her very good friends on the playground even though she is in a different class.

I just thought it was so cute. When I got ready to take her "first day of school picture", Hannah felt bad that Noah wasn't going to have his picture taken, so she invited him to join her. He didn't have a backpack to show off, so he decided to show us his bag of cereal. It's amazing how one minute they can be yelling at each other and the next minute they are so thoughtful and kind to each other. I guess I can remember feeling the same way about my sisters and brother. Can anyone relate?

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Birdie said...

ahhhhh,...the memories! :) i remember getting shot with a giant sized rubber band and paper "bullets" from above through where the light was while hiding in the closet, on the not so kind side (yes, that was you), and being allowed to feed Jewel her bottle on the very kind side!
LOL :-) very sweet picture, by the way, and your lawn and plants are looking amazing!!!