Friday, January 4, 2008

Huge thanks to all of you!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated by commenting on my blog. It's such a small world, and it's fun to connect with people all over the country (and beyond). I wrote out the names, my husband held them, and my daughter drew out a paper. The winner is...Elisha! Now, for those of you who know me, you know that Elisha and her husband are some of our closest friends. So Elisha, we can talk about what you would like to have for a prize when you get back home.
I was very impressed that more than half of the comments were from people I didn't know at all, so I just had to draw a second name. And our second winner is...drum roll...Vernell. If you can shoot me an email with your address and favorite color, I will get something sent your way. You will receive a package of embellishment goodies, and your choice of a pack of 6 handmade cards or a piece of handmade jewelry.
I hope you all will stick around, and I will hear from you again sometime. Keep checking back for future drawings, possible contests, etc.

Now, on to other topics. I am continually working on organizing my craft area and finding better ways to store things, so when I was shopping some of the after Christmas sales and came across this neat tin, I just couldn't pass it up. It has four stacked tin containers, and came full of tea, cocoa, cappuccino, and coffee. I was able to take the little labels out of it and put in my own, and it now sits on my desk, holding some of my most commonly used supplies. I love finding inexpensive, nice looking surprises like this.

Do you have any neat storage ideas, or any re-purposed items that you use for storage? I'm always looking for more ideas. Someday I'll post pictures of my full-to-overflowing craft area, but until then,
Thanks again for coming to visit,
Valonda L.


Glee Scrap said...

Congratulations to the winners!
What after chrismas sale did you get the great tin at? I could use something like that! I don't live local to you (I'm in N. CA), but if it's a chain store, I might have a chance of picking one up...where oh where?

Valonda L. said...

I picked up the tin at WalMart in the clearance section with packaged gift baskets, etc. It would be pretty cool if you could find one, there was only one at my WalMart.

TA Carbone said...

I use to use the photo storage boxes for storage, but decided to take everything out and use other stoarge things because you can't see what is in the photo boxes. You know the saying out of sight out of mind and since I hardly looked in them I was finding myself buying this I already had.

Nice to see your blog, going to subscribe so I get updates as you post also.

Feel free to visit my blog when time permits.

Toniann aka "TA"

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Vernell said...

WOW- I won? Thank you so much. I thought I had added you to my RSS feed in yahoo but I forgot. Doing that now so I can keep up with your blog. Thanks again and I got your e-mail and responding now!!!