Monday, January 7, 2008

Life moves on...

Vacation is officially over. Our family managed to ease back into the swing of things fairly easily. Hannah and Matt were back to school today, and I was expecting the usual stressful rush trying to get Hannah ready and to the bus on time. However, we were blessed with a little bit of a snowy surprise, and Matt's school was delayed 2 hours. So I had a little extra help getting back into our routine this morning.
Yesterday I got to work on a challenging project. I love these kinds of projects that take me out of my comfort zone, and help me grow. Well...sometimes I love them. I was given a piece of patterned paper, a fleur-de-leis embellishment, and a piece of ribbon, and asked to use these pieces and 1 stamp to create something beautiful. A couple months ago I had picked up some square shadow boxes at the dollar store. They were filled with some cheesy saying, but I definately saw potential. This was the perfect base for my project. Add some grungeboard wings, wire antenna, Gunmetal Stickles, Eggplant Dimensional Pearl Paint, and some beautiful microfine glitter, and...I think it turned out pretty good. As usual, my lacking photography skills don't do it justice, but I think you get the idea.
Are you all back in the swing of things now that Christmas and New Year's Day are long gone?
Hopefully you are scheduling in some time to try new things,
Valonda L.

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Linda Cain said...

VERY nice! Aren't we lucky to have DH to help make us things for keeping us organized?!?! Oregon is one of our favorite spots to visit as my SIL lives in Newport! Beautiful place!