Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Paper Inspired Retreat

I am so excited...I couldn't hold back anymore. Plans are in the works for a really fun event, and I get to be a part of it! Mother's Day Weekend, May 8-10, Drift Creek Camp in Lincoln City, OR will be hosting an awesome retreat. I can't give all the details yet, but there will be classes, time to relax, create, and learn...and all in a beautiful atmosphere. I wish I could give you more of the details now because I'm bursting with excitement, but as things are put into place I will give you details. I'll just mention the name, Brenda Broadbent...a very talented lady, who will be there. Ok...that's it for now, more to come later.

Have you ever painted with Alcohol Inks? The image to the right was painted on vellum with Alcohol Inks, and mounted on mirrored cardstock to add a luminous background.

This is a really random, scattered post, but so goes my life I guess. I am currently reading an amazing book, by an amazing man. The book, To Small to Ignore, is by Dr. Wes Stafford, the president and CEO of Compassion International. I am only a little way into it, but I think it is a very special and powerful book. I encourage you to check it out sometime. Ok that's enough of my random ramblings for now.

May your day be blessed!

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Glee-scrap said...

The Retreat sounds fun...I'm going to a Retreat in a beautiful location in March, but it is a Crop, some contests(usually a P.J. one and a paper crafting one), but not classes.
I'll have to try painting with my alcohol inks...I usually use felt to apply it. Your result is cool!
Hey, I saw your comment on Wendy V.'s blog-we frequent the same places! Keep up the great work with your new blog!...Erin : )