Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New toys...

I got to play with some fun new toys today. A friend of mine brought over some really neat pens...Parallel play with. I practiced a little bit with them, then decided to make something. Now, keep in mind, I have absolutely NO calligraphy knowledge or experience, but I still had an awesome time playing with these. I can't wait to practice some more. I also had a new set of stamps from Inque Boutique so of course I had to play with both of them together. The parallel pens have a built in reservoir, and you can put all kinds of things in them. Since I was using Distress Inks on this card, I put Black Soot Distress Ink in the pen. Now I get to draw with perfectly matching ink. With my limited skills, swirly flourishy lines were my best bet, and the pen performed beautifully. I just LOVE trying new things!

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