Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, it finally came...SNOW. Of course we were all very excited. Matt got to stay home yesterday since his school was canceled, and Hannah's school district was delayed, so her morning kindergarten was canceled as well. We had a great time playing together in the snow. Mommy and Daddy wore out long before the kids did. Eventually when noses were completely red and dripping we had to end our outdoor play. By then the kids didn't put up to much protest, so I'm guessing they must have been ready for some warmth again. As I write this, it is gently raining and melting away the beautiful snow. But they say there could be a little bit more to come. I know that all of you who are used to snow think we are a bit silly getting so excited about a little bit of snow, but for us it is always high excitement. Kids are known to have difficulty sleeping (actually parents too, especially teachers) when snow is in the forecast.
In addition to enjoying the snow yesterday, I once again tackled the job of cleaning up my stamping area. I'm so close...just have to take care of all of those scraps of paper that seem to accumulate miraculously. Can anyone identify? Seriously, how do I collect so many scraps?

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