Friday, February 29, 2008

I've been playing with chipboard tiles again. This is just a peek at 4 of 16 tiles included in my latest Texture Tiles Sampler class board. This one had a bird theme, and includes 11 different bird images. If you go the the Texture Tiles class photo link to the left you can see the entire Sampler.
So, moving on to a completely different subject. I currently have something in my refrigerator that I never imagined I would be storing. My daughter came home from Kindergarten today with a plastic bag in hand. "Look what I have Mom!", she yelled...(me) "What is that?" It was an octopus. Apparently they each got an octopus to study with a magnifying glass (which is pretty cool), but now I have a dead octopus named Felina in my refrigerator. Yes, my daughter named her dead octopus, and was quite disappointed to find out we wouldn't be able to keep it forever. Life lesson for the day...dead things eventually rot and stink. Pleasant, huh.
Ok, moving on. Tommorrow is the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Portland, so I am trying to get myself together and ready for an early morning tomorrow. It's always fun to be surrounded by so many ladies (and a few men) with similar interests. I'll try to get some good pictures for my next post.


Glee-scrap said...

I want to see a photo of Felina being investigated with a magnifying glass by your budding scientist!(I think it would make a fun scrapbook page, too).
Have a great time at the CK Convention!
Erin : )

Elisabeth said...

WOOOOOOOW you make sooooo much beatuful things. I just loved the "book" the triangle one.. I am sitting here with my mouth wide open wow.... do you have a template for this?
Have a beautiful evening;)
Hugs from elisabeth

Linda Cain said...

LOVE you Blog!!! Love Oregon, too!
We've been to Newport a few times to visit my SIL. Beautiful country.
Keep up the great work. Your classes look wonderful.
Linda Cain
Wish I was in Oregon now...ugly here in the Midwest!!!