Monday, February 18, 2008

We're back

We have returned from a fun little vacation, and the unpacking begins. Some friends of ours had rented a very nice little chalet at Eagle Crest and weren't able to use it, so we got to enjoy it. It is such a nice place, and we had a great time. We played tennis, swam with the kids, explored Bend, did a
little shopping, and just spent time together. When it was all over we quickly packed up our things and headed out. We were over an hour away when we realized that we had left our coats in the coat closet. Suddenly our trip home became much longer, and (since it was apparently my fault) slightly strained. By the time we got back home again everything was fine, but I was kicking myself most of the way home. Oh, and we developed a brake issue on vacation, so our trip home was also punctuated by the wonderful sound of metal on metal. I think we were all glad to pull into the driveway. Now it's back to the joys of everyday life. In fact, when we arrived back home I took inventory of some things I was thankful for:
*safety *a clean warm house
*sleeping in my own bed
*the kids weathered the extra long trip home with very good attitudes *my husband cracked a joke (which means he is over it now)
*I have Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to enjoy after supper
*no matter how forgetful I am, God always loves me and understands my weaknesses

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Auntie Erin said...

Why is it always our fault? I'm glad everyone is happy again! Much love to the whole fam!