Monday, February 11, 2008

Tea Party at Gongey's

On Saturday we went to the farm. Matt's family owns a grass seed farm, and his parents and grandparents live on the property. His grandma, (who gets called Gongey), is so great with kids, and she loves to host parties. So she invited some of the grandkids
and great-grandkids
for a Valentine Tea Party. It was great! The table was all set up perfectly with cute plates of heart-shaped sandwiches and cheese. Little red strawberry shaped finger jellos, and fun finger foods. After everyone was finished eating, we all moved to the living room for some fun games. Now keep in mind that the children in attendance were 5 years old and under, but they had a great time with the games. Some were a little more difficult for the little ones to grasp than others, but they were all fun. And after each game was over Gongey had little "prizes" for each child to put in their goodie bag. It is just so fun, and I am so privileged that my children get to have these fun little parties. I think Gongey is a pretty special, one-of-a-kind grandma, and my kids are so blessed to have her in their lives.


Glee-scrap said...

What a cute kid party! Gongey not only acts like a perfect Grandma, but she LOOKS like one, too...classic thin Mrs. Clause features-lovely woman. You and your family are blessed to have her in your lives.

Erin said...

Valonda I couldn't agree more! What a special party!