Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today has been a beautiful, fun day. It started out with one of my favorite I got to play the keyboard and sing with our worship team today. This mornings' worship service was just one of those sweet, beautiful times that I wish would last forever.

After church I went to a friends house for lunch and to help her with a little project. Every now and then we help go through each others closets, and do kind of a "What Not to Wear" thing. Everything that doesn't fit well anymore, is worn out, or out of date, or hasn't been worn in the last year goes. It is so freeing. And sometimes we have unhealthy emotional attachments to our clothing, and just need someone else to say, "What are you thinking?" Now that both of our closets have been purged it's time for a little shopping, isn't it?

Thank you to each of you who have visited my blog in the last couple of days, especially those who have left comments. It has been fun to have some extra traffic around the blog. A special welcome to those visiting from the Ranger Ink Link and from the link on Lauren Ferguson's blog. If you have a blog too, and leave me a link in the comment section I will come visit your blog.

I had a great time with my class yesterday. It was a jam packed class, both in terms of participants, and the amount we got accomplished. We did 6 cards with various Fluid Chalk Ink techniques in our two hour class. It was a lot to fit in, but these ladies were so great. We had a really fun time.

One little change in upcoming classes. I had a Paste Embossing Class scheduled for April 5th, but I was going to be using Ranger Memory Glass Frames for one of the projects, and we are not sure that we will be able to get them in time for the class, so we will reschedule that class for a later date. We will be replacing that class with a new class, The Art of Microfine Glitter. The class will include the Wildflower Microfine Transparent Glitter set by Art Institute. We will be working with many different products and techniques. This is a really fun class, and I am thrilled to be offering it with a Microfine glitter set this time.

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